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February 23, 2008

Advice from the psychic airwaves

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I’ve listened to King’s X’s Dogman two full times in the past 24 hours, which is really weird because I haven’t listened to the band in ages. It’s really great to revisit these guys – what a great band that unfortunately got overlooked due to so many factors that it’s impossible to pin it on one thing. Bad management, fickle tastes of radio listeners, their own bad moves – they all added up to a number of things that basically turned the tide against them even when tons of huge bands were praising them (I remember not only Pearl Jam name-checking them back in the Vs. days or thereabouts but also Alice In Chains, saying that the down-tuned sound everyone attributed to them was really due to their love of King’s X.)

This got me wondering where the band is right now. Their last album, the goofily titled Ogre Tones came out three years ago, so they’re overdue for a new album. Well, according to their new official site, the news dated Feb. 17 says they just finished working on a brand new album. Maybe the band has some sort vibe-generator that re-ignites interest in them, because that’s pretty weird timing.

While listening to this today, it got me thinking how glad I am to have the CDs. There had been much talk of remasters years ago of their early albums but it’s pretty clear nothing of the sort will ever happen. More likely is that the current albums will simply disappear as the labels they’ve been on stop producing them, and this is something that is going to happen with everything. So as a general warning from someone who watches CDs like a hawk, I am urging you – if you want CDs of anything you have ever liked, you need to get out and get them now. They’re cheap and plentiful now, but in a few short years, old CDs are going to be like gold as people realize what has happened. They’re going to see that in their shortsightedness to get cheap (free) music via mp3, they locked themselves into a format that cannot do anything but give them what they already have, and told the music industry that they don’t want that high-quality music any longer. Those CDs many scoff at right now as unnecessary annoyances are slowly being taken out of production in favor of future mp3 downloads (or the band’s music is simply becoming obsolete.) Your options in the future will be re-buying higher quality downloads, like what’s going on with Itunes Plus right now that still will not be as good as your original CDs, or seeking out hard-copies on CD at ridiculous collector prices. I am telling you: if you love something, but it now while you can. It will not be around forever and you will regret it later one when people start realizing that those mp3s they downloaded and sometimes bought sound really terrible on their nice home theater systems*.

*This boggles my mind. People spend ridiculous amounts of time and money to have great sound systems for movies and TV shows, but don’t give a crap about the sound quality of music they’re putting through it. They’ll complain when movies’ sound is not up to snuff but somehow don’t notice the flat and lifeless sound of those 128kbps AAC files they paid the stupidly high price of 99 cents each from the Itunes store. What are you more likely to spend more time with? A movie or music? Music, of course – it can go everywhere. Movies you watch when you can rest at home. Music suits every situation, and yet people treat it like meaningless dirt. Sad.


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