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February 24, 2008

Oscars the grouch

Filed under: Movies — Tom @ 8:35 pm

The Oscars are on right now. It’s hard to be too invested in it when we’ve only seen something like four of the seeming thousands of films that came out last year, and I don’t even know that any of them were nominated beyond Once. I’ll watch parts of it no matter what – Jon Stewart did a great job last year and I doubt he’ll be stretching for material this year, and, besides, it’s a great excuse to check out many of Hollywood’s hottest ladies lookin’ super hot most respected actors and actresses gathered together to honor each other’s great achievements. Ahem.


I’m a little peeved that one of the few films I saw last year is not nominated – the beautifully handled documentary about the Apollo astronauts, In The Shadow Of The Moon. It’s compiled from new interviews with most of the remaining living men who walked on the moon (sans the enigmatic Neil Armstrong, who maintains the hermit-like lifestyle he adopted immediately after his historic flight even for something this special) and archival footage that no one has seen in 30+ years. It was fascinating and beautiful, and for something that took as much time and effort to put together as this did, it is a travesty that it has been overlooked entirely, especially after garnering rave reviews from practically every critic. If you watch this and don’t come away thinking we did amazing things back then and don’t feel like we need to continue doing amazing things in space, well, I’d be surprised. It’s about more then 12 dudes who walked on a grey dustball in the sky.

The others we saw, in case you’re curious, were Knocked Up, The Transforming Robots, and, on DVD, Once. Of them, Once is up for best song, The Transforming Robots is nominated for Visual Effects, Sound Editing, and Sound Mixing. Knocked Up got nuthin, but does that really surprise anyone? (Update: Holy crap, Once won! I figured that dorky-ass Disney crapfest was going to take it, with three songs nominated, but Alissa thought early on that those three songs might split the vote. She might be right, but I’d like to think taste won tonight.)

Do yourself a favor. Take $5 down to Blockbuster and pick up In The Shadow of the Moon, put it in your Netflix queue, whatever. Just watch this movie. You will see amazing, beautiful things and hear incredible stories. And then you’ll be amazed and maybe even pissed that the Oscar nominating committee overlooked this.


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