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February 27, 2008

I am not a target market (anymore)

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First off, happy birthday to my wife Alissa – yes, we really do have birthdays one day apart. We’re just separated by three years.

As of yesterday, I exited the coveted 18-34 year old target demographic that businesses like to market their products to. It’s pretty exciting. There’s something kind of funny about demographics – I have more money now than ever before, and I can spend it, and they don’t want it. They just want to keep aiming all their efforts at the fickle market that struggles to make and keep their money when they’ve got a bunch of people who are perfectly willing to buy things with less of a marketing push. Well, whatever.

So now I don’t have to pay attention to commercials, or ads, or billboards, or anything, really. I can look at them and just instantly dismiss them. “Oh that? Eh, it’s not for me.” This is why men eventually start wearing very long, dark socks with shorts. And sandals. Marketing stops targeting them and telling them that fashion says no, don’t do that and we slowly learn to stop paying attention. To everything.

I took the day off of work. It was pretty nice. I told myself last year that if I had days to spare I would, because I didn’t take the day off last year and it was really rather disappointing to spend my birthday at work. It always is. So I stayed home with Amanda. We took my truck to the car wash where she watched the spaghetti wiggle all over my truck and get it clean, then looked at the giant fish tank that all car washes inexplicably have in them, she fell in love with a goofy giant-wheeled VW Beetle toy that I bought for her, and then hit Walmart for some necessities.

Because Alissa and I practically share a birthday (Not only that, but it’s also my parents’ anniversary today!) we celebrated with her family this weekend (mine will be this upcoming weekend. It’s too much to handle in one weekend.) So it’s like a week of eating bad and people giving you stuff – all this cake and dinners out and presents, all this celebration spread out. Really, there are less nights of “normalcy” between last Saturday and this upcoming one. One of my gifts from Alissa, probably the coolest by far, consists of two tickets to see Adrian Belew tomorrow night. I’ve been kicking myself for missing him the last time he was here, and just kind of resigned myself to not seeing him, and she courageously got tickets for which she will have to endure a night of guitar gymnastics – but fun ones, I promise. Adrian’s a guitar god, for sure, but he’s an unusually playful, humorous, and fun one for even people outside of the genre.

Too many other things to list at the moment, but I’ll comment on a couple of note: the Pixies Surfer Rosa from Mobile Fidelity? Awesome – I really didn’t think it would disappoint, but I’m stunned at how amazing this sounds. Now I just need an SACD player to take advantage of that layer and its even higher fidelity sound resolution. And the complete Dr. Katz box? Holy shit, that’s one impressive BOOK of DVDs (13, and it’s bound like a book in clear DVD trays. Never seen anything like it. Daunting.)


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