Known Johnson

March 2, 2008

It’s all right here

Filed under: General — Tom @ 8:53 pm

After much deliberation, I opted to put LookoutForHope into a coma the other day. My original intent was to keep two sites – one for my thoughts on music, one for my life events, not that they’re particularly exciting, but I felt this need to separate the two so I could focus. The problem is that music is a gigantic part of my life, and trying to separate that leads to boredom on my part.

So everything’s merging back into one here again. If I opt to write a review of something, it’s going to be here, but I’ll be using the “continue reading” text so those who are bored by such activities won’t have to be bothered scrolling past more than few lines of it. I’d hope maybe some of you would like to read them, as I think my reviews are about more than simply saying “I like this band, it is good, it sounds like ____ and ____.” More than that, music is just a part of my life and so trying to steer away from the subject here is unnatural. It’s weaved into my life so much that Amanda asks where the music went when a song ends and nothing else begins afterward. My reality is her reality, and that’s the reality that should be presented here.


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