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March 5, 2008

All The Wish Spent Timing

Filed under: General,Music — Tom @ 11:09 pm

All day I kept thinking of things to write about. I sit down to actually write tonight and what do I have to say? Not much – it all escaped like so much air from an unsecured balloon.

I will say this, however: I gave a couple spins today to my just-arrived copy of the Allman Bros. Idlewild South, MFSL edition, and it is sweet definitely all too short. I unfortunately don’t have any other versions to compare it to, but I don’t really need it – this is so smooth and, well, like I said, “sweet” that I don’t need it to know that this is an amazing sounding recording. This has that feeling of the band almost sitting right next to you, it’s so live and warm. It also scores extra points for getting Amanda to jam out in her car seat – she really dug “Revival,” among others, as I found her bopping her head around to this catchy, upbeat tune as I drove her to my parents’ house this morning.

I’m a little sad to say I’m slightly underwhelmed with the new Autechre, Quaristice. I found it too simple and predictable. “Autechre by numbers,” or, more accurately, “IDM by numbers,” which, in a genre that tends to have a lot of that, is a very bad thing. Autechre, of all the current electronic groups, manages to keep things just on this side of chaos most of the time, but hasn’t succumbed to sticking to pure beats in a long, long time . . . but they do here. And I don’t like it. It’s very generic – if I’d heard this in a store, I don’t think I’d have been able to put a name to it, and that’s pretty unusual for this group’s output. Perhaps it was just my mood at the time, perhaps it was not wise to follow the Allman Bros. with Autechre, I don’t know. I’m not prepared to write it off yet, but I’m not in the typical position that I’m in following a first-listen with this group: that of being thrown into a whole new world of sound. This is all “been there done that.”

First it was that guy with the monumental music collection, now it’s a guy with an equally enormogantic comic book collection – people are starting to get rid of their prized possessions. And it makes me very sad. We’re going to start seeing this happen more and more often as these collectors reach retirement age . . . or, you know, worse. The things they lived for are turning into burdens and they have to get rid of them. What’s more sad to me is that the youngest generation – the one our Amanda belongs to – may never truly have anything like this, as we move into an age where entertainment is available increasingly in a largely electronic-only format. No books, no comics, no DVDs, no CDs, no records . . . nothing physical. There is an era ending with us, here, and I can’t help but admit that it put a lump in my throat that I can’t quite explain right now.


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