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March 9, 2008

It’s their world, we are only visiting

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An example conversation* parents are likely to have with young children, especially when driving (it seems):

Father: “So what did you hear?”
Mother: “Well, they said-”
Child: “Mommy! Look at that kitty cat!”
M: “Oh, yes, look at the nice kitty. Anyway, they said-”
C: “Daddy! Look! Look! A balloon!”
F: “I see that. They said?”
M: “Yeah, they said that-”
C: “Mommy, here’s some food for you.” (Hands mommy some invisible food.)
M: “Oh, thank you honey. They-”
C: “Daddy, here’s some food for you, too.” (Hands daddy some invisible food.)
F: “Okay, thank you. Mommy and daddy are trying to talk, okay?”
M: “So they said that I could start-”
C: “Mommy.”
M: “Yes, sweetie?”
C: “Mommy.”
M: “Yes?”
C: “Mommy!”
M: “Okay.”
C: “Mommy!”
M: “Anyway, they said-”
C: “Mommy. Mommy! Mommy!”
M: “Yes, honey, what?”
C: “Look, a Jeep!”
M: “Oh, yeah, that’s nice, isn’t it?”
F: “So they said you could start . . . ”
M: “Yeah, I could start any time between 7 and 9-”
C: “Mommy!”
M: (sighs) “Yes, sweetie?”
C: (Blows a kiss.)
M: (Blows a kiss.)
C: “Daddy.” (Blows a kiss.)
F: “Huh?” (He didn’t see this.)
M: “She blew you a kiss.”
F: “Oh, okay.” (Blows a kiss.)
C: “I love you too, mommy.”
M: “I love you, sweetie.”
C: “I love you too, daddy.”
F: “I love you too – no, wait, I love you.”
(A barrage of blown kisses fills the cabin of the moving vehicle. The father will miss most of these because he has his eyes on the road and will need to be informed of these in order to respond.)
(Moments of silence follow.)
F: “So, what were they saying?”
M: “Oh, anyway-”
C: “Mommy! Daddy! Look! A little doggy!”

*Not a specific incident – just drawn from much experience.


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