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March 11, 2008

Satan Oscillate My Metallic Sonatas

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How was my day? Pretty average until . . .


Yeah, that’s right. For all you music junkies, and especially anyone who lived through the grunge movement and loved it, that’s SOMMS right there. And I own it. Again.

SOMMS!  Again.

You see, I quickly ran out and bought this pretty limited version of Soundgarden’s huge breakthrough album, Badmotorfinger back in 1992 when it was released. I loved it . . . and then a few years later, as things go, I just got sick of them, and it, and had no idea how rare this thing really was. So it found itself in a pile of trade-ins one day which led me to buy some ill-advised crap, and shortly thereafter, I regretted getting rid of the SOMMS version of Badmotorfinger because I never saw another copy again. Badmotorfinger – yes, it can be found, cheap, in practically every used music store. But SOMMS is a true rarity, at least in my neck o’ the woods. Until today, when I felt the strange urge to stop at Zia on the way home.

I stopped at their “new arrivals” bin. I scanned the alphabet of discs, noting a few interesting things here and there, and in the S section there was, seemingly as always, a copy of Badmotorfinger. I didn’t look too closely, and started to walk away . . . but then I darted back because something looked wrong, different. And there it was – the presence of those 5 letters on the spine that I’ve been looking for for so long. What’s more, right next to it was a ridiculous price – $6.99. This is one of those times when I’m sure that someone from the store is going to see me with it and grab me because they’ve misplaced this obviously mispriced set. There’s one in an Ebay store right now for $50 (but completed items tell me some have recently gone for less than $25, so who knows?) Someone wasn’t paying attention, that’s for sure. I held on to it tight as I made a quick circuit, picking up a cheap copy of Black Sabbath’s Heaven And Hell while I was at it (because The Dio Years is simply not enough, and no remasters are in site for the Dio-Sabbath albums.) And then I made my exit.

Is SOMMS everything I remembered? Well, no, admittedly. “Into The Void (Sealth)” (fittingly, a Sabbath cover) is pretty awesome, as is their cover of Devo’s “Girl U Want,” but the rest isn’t such incredible material. Honestly, however, it’s those first two tracks that I wanted this back for in the first place. I’m sure I could have had mp3s of these tracks almost instantly, but, really, part of the fun here was the long hunt and getting the real deal.


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