Known Johnson

March 14, 2008


Filed under: Music — Tom @ 10:07 pm

ItunesRegistry gives you the opportunity to bear it all – upload your Itunes XML and show off your collection, good and bad. I’ve taken the plunge, upping my 60+mb XML file to let you ooh-and-aah, and possibly giggle, over my collection. It’s not reading Itunes’ registry entirely correct, however, as it points out Led Zeppelin’s “Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You” as my favorite song, which is a great song, to be sure, but when looking at Itunes myself, it is nowhere in the top league (Radiohead, Wilco, Crowded House, Glen Hansard/Marketa Irglova (a surprise), Brian Eno, and Rush occupy the top ranks.) These numbers, by the way, are only since last fall – I didn’t count my Ipod usage until then. (And also keep in mind that along with some things being Alissa’s, there are duplicates – I’ve kept copies of things that are long gone because I’m lazy, or sometimes just to compare in cases where I’ve gotten different versions. This only makes up for a tiny percentage of the insanity represented here, however.)

I’m most intrigued (and a bit frightened) by the “Ipod Requirment” field. Yikes.


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