Known Johnson

March 17, 2008

Bad dream baby

Filed under: General — Tom @ 11:01 pm

Dreams/nightmares I’ve had in the past few days have involved:

  • pissed off hippos (which may be due to watching an episode of I Shouldn’t Be Alive in which people are attacked by hippos in an African river)
  • restrooms whose stall walls mysteriously shorten as I enter, revealing to me the completely oblivious occupant of the stall next door, and these same stall walls turned into theater seats (while I was still seated on a toilet)
  • “angel crocodile roaches” – somehow, I am part of the crew filming a Dirty Jobs episode in some very creepy old building, and get sent off to investigate some nasty old room where one of the building’s tenants informs me about these horrifying little creatures. I can’t see them, and he points to one on the ceiling that, being disturbed, begins flapping about against the ceiling. I lean in to look and see that it fits the description – a big jaw with angry teeth, wings and – suddenly I am being attacked by a horde of the roaches from behind. This one is especially vivid because I woke up this morning at this point and promptly forced myself to remember every bit I could. I then could not get back to sleep. It was 4:15am. I am tired.

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