Known Johnson

March 27, 2008

Put the bass in the middle of my head

Filed under: Ipod/Iphone,Music — Tom @ 10:22 pm

I made a big sacrifice for you Mike Keneally fans tonight. All three or so of you that visit me, that is. I spent a couple of hours scanning in artwork and fairly painstakingly cleaning it up in Photoshop, then dumped it on Imageshack for your usage in Itunes and conversely, your Ipods. Why? Because it’s almost impossible to find decent artwork for this guy’s stuff. All I can find are tiny, blurry, off-color versions that look really awful. Anyway, what you see there is the end result of some reasonably hard work – my copy of my much loved Wooden Smoke, as I predicted long ago when it came out, is much the worse for wear, and so required a lot of stamp-tool work. It’s still not perfect – none of them are – but for these purposes, they’re all pretty decent.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, no, this isn’t all of the album covers. It’s only the ones that, for whatever stupid reason, I had ripped as crappy AAC files and decided, tonight, I simply had to re-rip as much higher quality mp3s. This might be a bit of OCD cropping up right here, but it benefits some of you out there, but there was another reason. There seems to be something wrong with those AAC files – they cause Itunes to constantly update whether they’ve been listened to or not, but never actually reflect any changes in play counts. I’ve listened to Wooden Smoke many times in the past six months but you wouldn’t guess it looking at Itunes. Something’s bungled with those files, so they needed to be replaced. And, eventually, as many AAC files will be replaced as possible. This will be a big job – I stupidly recompressed my entire King Crimson collection to AAC one night a couple years back in an effort to save space and now deeply regret it. Everything has to be re-ripped (yes, I actually can hear the difference.) The only thing I’m looking forward to is being finished.


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