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March 28, 2008

Lights on

Filed under: Annoyances — Tom @ 9:34 am

Phoenix is participating in this – “Earth Hour” – a completely ridiculous waste of time unless you are actually really stupid. Lights off for an hour on Saturday night. Okay. What, exactly, is turning off all electricity for an hour going to do? I have yet to see any actual, solid answers. All I read is “it’s going to raise awareness.”* Awareness about what? Who isn’t aware that it’s better for the environment if we don’t use electricity?

*You know, like Live8 – it raised awareness of the one-time Waters/Gilmour-era Pink Floyd reunion, and helped sell a bunch of albums for the bands who played at the shows. Rock on, dude! Anyone aware of any other benefits we got out of that other than a bunch of short concerts and rock stars’ stroked egos?


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  1. Sorry I’m a little late to the post, but I read a few things about people doing this across the country. My favorite was when people turned the lights out and lit a bunch of candles instead. UH? HELLO!!!! Miss the point of reducing carbon emissions, anyone?

    Comment by Lisa — April 10, 2008 @ 1:38 am | Reply

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