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April 13, 2008

Big toe/toe jam

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There are times when it is useless to try to determine if you have an affliction via the internet. One such time is when you have possible crushed and broken a toe, such as I may have done last night when attempting to remove a very heavy boxed, unbuilt TV stand from a high shelf at Walmart.

It was exactly what we needed, or thereabouts – we have a very heavy TV waiting for us over at my parents’ house, but we haven’t been able to find a stand that would actually hold this monstrous beast with any certainty. It’s been sitting there for months. My parents routinely ask if we’ve found anything, suggesting they’d like for the TV to move on to a different spot than the one it currently occupies in their garage. I sympathize, but it simply can’t come here because there is no place to put it without a proper TV stand, unless we go all white trash and simply put it on the floor (we’re not going to do that.) So we have waited, checking every store that might possibly carry something sturdy enough to hold this 110 lb.+ beast, and last night we found it.

I grabbed this big box off the shelf, which was about four feet off the floor. I knew it would be heavy, I had no doubt about that – I mentally prepared myself for 50-75 lbs. and when I test-lifted it, I figured that was about right. The weight would be no problem, but being vertical rather than horizontal, it would be awkward to handle. I moved it to the edge of the shelf, ready to make a quick transition to our cart as it would be an awkward position in which to carry it. Just as I got it to the edge, the insides of my fingers made note of something . . . hmm, they said, there’s a rather sharp paper edge sticking out here. When I let go of this box and slide it into the cart, I’m going to get a nasty paper cut from this box. And in that moment of hesitation, inertia carried the box off the shelf . . . and down.

I briefly remember a jolt of action from my hands to arrest the box against the racks, but it was far too heavy to stop. It simply slammed down, hard, onto my right foot, directly onto my big toe, with all of the toes absorbing some of the impact. I just let out a yelp. It was all I could do. I couldn’t even think – my brain went completely blank for several moments. And then the pain started coming on. I just had to stand there for a few moments, taking it all in, before I could even move. Somehow, I was sensible enough to not want the box that had fallen four feet, but dumb enough to grab yet another box off that high shelf – but I got it into the cart safely. It would be later that night when I would run nightmare scenarios through my head that involved that very heavy box falling on Amanda, none of which registered at the time.

For whatever reason, we didn’t just leave. Whatever happens to the body after tremendous pain happens must enable a stupidity switch because we walked around that damned store for another 20 minutes before I said that we simply had to leave. Alissa said we could leave a couple times but I said we should get what we came for. And, really, we should – I was already damaged, and walking in there for a bit wasn’t going to change that. I went as long as I could, and we left, and when we got home, I took off my shoe, and marveled at my fat, angry looking toe. It hurt like hell.

It wasn’t until this morning, however, that I really worried about it. I knew it would be bruised, but I didn’t realize it would look like it does. And it’s getting worse. According to several searches on medical sites, I may or may not have broken my toe. No kidding! “Is it lumpy or badly bruised? It may be broken. Is it painful to bend? It may be broken.” No shit – I had already worked this out for myself, thanks. So I may be leaving this in the hands of a professional tomorrow, if things don’t improve over night. With the condition my feet are in to begin with, I don’t take the thought of messing with a possible broken toe or even just a badly sprained toe very lightly – my feet don’t work normal to begin with, so any deviance from the norm could be detrimental.

Who wants a picture?



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