Known Johnson

April 14, 2008


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It’s taken until my 30s, but I’ve finally broken something: my toe. The diagnosis was made official today after I hobbled around this morning at work and realized it just wasn’t getting better. My foot doctor got me in quickly and they seemed to know immediately without X-rays that it was bad. The X-rays, of course, proved it, and I was quite stunned. See, it doesn’t really hurt all that bad, but what they showed was that bastard box that leapt off the shelf at me on Saturday night sheared off a big chunk of the bottom of the front bone of my big toe – where the tendon attaches, from what I understood of what she said. I kind of went into shock a bit after that, simply stunned because I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I really went in prepared to be told that this was nothing, just a badly bruised toe, and it would heal on its own. Now I’m in this goofy black plastic shoe that angles my foot in a very odd, uncomfortable way, making it nearly impossible to walk for more than a dozen feet or so before I get very, very tired and sore.

“Wow,” I said, “this is going to make me really slow.”

“That’s exactly the point,” said my doctor, indicating that she knows I have a tendency to overdo things. She’s a good doctor.

I’ve been ordered off my feet and, indeed, basically away from this thing, the computer, just because it’s pretty hard to truly rest while sitting at it. True enough, since I’ve been home, and actually resting, when I get up and do things, my foot actually does hurt quite a bit. I’ve just been so active since Saturday that I haven’t really noticed it. The rest has given me enough of a pause to notice that it actually feels “merely okay” when elevated and immobile, and really starts to ache and sting when I’m moving about. That I need to figure this out is rather stupid. I will, however, take the doctor up on her prescription for rest – I am getting off of here and going to bed. And I’m home for the next couple of days, at least – until I simply can’t take the inactivity anymore, basically. That is, of course, if I can actually move in this stupid shoe.


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