Known Johnson

April 15, 2008


Filed under: Curiosities — Tom @ 1:11 pm

Does it boggle anyone else’s mind that we actually have to provide an envelope and a stamp in order to get our taxes mailed to the same government that they all work for in the first place? Wouldn’t it make more sense to just wave the stamp fee on tax documents to ensure that taxes get paid on time? I’ve never understood this. The Unites States Postal Service is a part of the government. The Internal Revenue Service is a part of the government. It seems sensible to me that the USPS would understand that an envelope addressed to the IRS would benefit everyone under that big government umbrella, so the stamp would be unnecessary. Or maybe it’s just me being highly logical. This is, after all, the government we’re talking about here.

Bonus sentence: hooray for a year in which we don’t owe anything and in fact will be getting a big fat return for once, on top of that pointless “economic stimulus payment” in a couple months.

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