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April 16, 2008

My right foot

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This took far more time and coordination than I thought was going to be required, given my limited positions to set it up:

Damned shoe

There it is, The Shoe, with a background provided by The Box that caused me to need to wear The Shoe. The big toe poking up in the air like that? It’s because of this strap thing I have to wear under The Shoe to keep it from moving. It’s a remarkably complicated system of velcro straps, but it does indeed keep it in place. I took it off a bit ago to take a shower and, thinking, “Hey, everything feels okay,” tried moving my toe a bit – big mistake. It hurt like hell – much more than it had since about Sunday morning. But it looks better – the bruising has gone down a lot, so I take that as sign of progress.

Walking around in this thing is difficult and tiring. I feel like a peg-legged pirate. I take a normal step with my left leg, which now has to be my dominant leg (something you never think about,) and then have to forcibly think about swinging my right leg so I put my weight squarely on the heel of my right foot. The Shoe is designed to keep any pressure off my toe, but I can still tilt forward on it occasionally and feel some pressure. I try not to do that.

Unexpected dangers encountered while wearing The Shoe: toe-kicks under the counter, the bottom edge of the refrigerator door, dressers, and anything I have to lean over – there is no normal sense of balance wearing this thing. I am a lopsided, clompy monster. I have already called my doctor hoping to move up next Thursday’s appointment to Monday so I can hopefully get into something a little more accommodating to the mobile. Until then, I’m a danger to everything around me. Going back to work tomorrow is going to be quite an adventure.


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