Known Johnson

April 26, 2008

Clumsy me

Filed under: Annoyances — Tom @ 3:15 pm

Well, I did it – the thing I’ve been fearing for months. I deleted my playlist for my Ipod, a list of about 115gb of music I’ve been compiling since I got my 160gb a month ago. I meant to simply delete something from the playlist and, in a haze of stupidity and self-assured blindness, I didn’t pay attention to the little pop-up box that warned me of something, so certain that it was just asking me if I definitely wanted to remove that from the playlist. No, it was actually asking if I definitely wanted to delete that playlist. And I didn’t. The moment that I did, I began spewing a list of sounds that simply cannot be transcribed, for they probably didn’t make much sense (aside from the random swear words – those I’m sure did come through loud and clear,) but they approximate what it would sound like if someone had stabbed me without warning.

Obviously, the good thing is that the music is still there, but it still took me over an hour this morning to cull a new playlist together that somewhat approximates what had been carefully put together over the past month. And I know it’s not everything. I’ll get to work and want to hear some obscure thing and surprise it won’t be on there. And that really annoys me, because when the urge strikes, I need to have those weird, obscure things at hand – that’s the whole point of upgrading to this ridiculously huge beast. Now I’m starting all over again. Itunes has been syncing with my Ipod for nearly three hours, having loaded nearly 11,000 songs, and there’s still 4,000 to go. Here’s to fresh starts. (sigh)


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