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May 2, 2008

A most expensive night of TV

Filed under: General — Tom @ 4:50 pm

There are times when too many things happen at once. This is one of those times, one of those weeks. Thankfully, it’s Friday and that means it’s pretty much over. But backing up a day, yesterday was the day of the Rush concert and . . . we didn’t go. Alissa came down with particularly nasty cold that kept her up pretty much all night, which in turn kept me up just slightly less of the night. There was no way Alissa was going to go, and by mid-afternoon, it was clear that even if I wanted to go, exhaustion from lack of sleep would negate any fun I might have had. So neither of us went. Other than losing out on the cost of tickets, which hurt, it was only this morning when I realized that we’d even missed anything. It didn’t even cross my mind after about 7:30 last night that we were missing out on the concert – that’s a pretty good sign that you’re not up for something.

I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing where I can say “eh” to losing out not only on the cost of one set of tickets but TWO sets of tickets (we both bought tickets in the confusion of sale day.) Looking at it one way, we’re at a point in our lives where we can say that kind of money hurts to lose, but it doesn’t crush us. That’s nice. On the other hand, it sure feels kind of gross to basically take $350 and throw it away. I don’t like the connotation of that and I don’t want people to think that we’re just so damned rich that we can throw it all away and think nothing of it. It’s very much the opposite – we live relatively cheap, simple lives. We don’t go to movies, we even rarely go to concerts anymore because of the hassle, we don’t do any big events of any kind. We’re homebodies, essentially. Most people, from what I have found, would be extremely and profoundly bored by the life we lead. So believe me when I say tickets going unused like last night is a big deal. At the moment I see it as the price of some desperately needed rest. Sometimes that comes at a cost, sometimes it just can’t wait for Saturday.

drumstick!And, sure enough, last night was one of the most restful nights I’ve had in quite a while. I sat down, ate a friggin’ Drumstick and watch a couple hours of great TV. And forgot about everything else. Save for it being a weeknight and having to get up in the morning for work, it was nearly perfect. Oh, and save for Alissa being sick. And that part about how it, in a roundabout way, cost $350. It was close enough for my needs last night, at least.


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