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May 16, 2008

Kekich Underwood

Filed under: Music — Tom @ 7:12 pm

Don’t you just love Ticketmaster’s new two-word “security check” captcha? The subject comes straight outta (Compton) one I just got when checking to see what tickets were left for Tom Waits’ two shows here in Phoenix. Sounds kind of like a Tom Waits song title, doesn’t it? Anyway. It appears that my company decided that this week was the week to start blocking Ticketmaster at work. Of all weeks.

That’s okay because it was likely fruitless. I read stories from fans about shows selling out in five minutes (Ohio) and the system just being, in general, “fucked up,” (everywhere.) Gosh, what a surprise. Ticketmaster not having their shit together? That said, by last night I had changed my mind WRT (that’s business speak for “with regards to” – don’t you love that? I do) the Tom Waits show. At $90+fees each, I began to doubt my need to see this. As I said to Alissa earlier today in an email, I’m torn between whether this is simply smart or sad. It’s smart because $200+ for 90 minutes of music is, let’s face it, a damned lot of money for a relatively small amount of returned entertainment. It’s sad because there was a time when I wouldn’t have questioned this and would have looked askance at anyone who claimed to be a fan but turned down the opportunity to see the object of their affection. Look askance upon me, if you wish. It’s too much money. But I looked for tickets out of curiosity anyway. Sold out. Now I don’t have to feel so guilty. Corporate America took the ability to get tickets out of my hands at work and ravenous fans took away my ability to buy tickets, period. So be it.

All I have to say is, why not have several nights in every one of these cities so that a lot more people can go see Waits? It’s obvious the demand is there, and since the paperless ticket route has eliminated the ability of scalpers to do their thing, it means that the fans actually bought all these tickets. The demand is there. The supply is not. A little more balancing is in order.


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