Known Johnson

May 22, 2008

Master of my domain

Filed under: Annoyances,Boring site stuff — Tom @ 12:10 pm

And . . . we’re back. Oh, those pesky phishers. Apparently someone hacked into the beautiful lull via a very outdated WordPress install (note to self: update WordPress installs on old sites) and installed a phishing site within its realm. A couple of days later, my host (Bluehost) slammed the cuffs on my site, locking it down until it could be made safe again for the more innocent users of the internet. Imagine that, one of my sites was so dangerous that the world at large was at risk.

Well, it took two days of going back and forth with long-distance tech- and abuse-support (but within the US, one of Bluehost’s pluses) but I got the offending files obliterated with ease, and this morning finds my sites happily humming along as if nothing happened. Now I have to update the beautiful lull and unproductivity to the latest WordPress installs which will have the safety that should keep phishing scams from being launched from at least my domain. If I were more up on this back-end crap, I’d figure out how to wrap those databases into this site and do away with those sites all together, but I’m a visual designer, not a web developer, and I’d like to keep it that way. So . . . not completely master of my domain.


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