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June 9, 2008


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It was time. Amanda never tried to get out of her crib, but she was getting too old. We found the perfect bed for her at USABaby, though neither Alissa nor I expected they’d actually have it in stock. We both expected to have to wait for it to arrive because it has seemed like everything else we have wanted has needed to be ordered. So I was a bit unprepared to lug this thing home yesterday, (carefully) tear apart her crib, and put together the new bed while they went off in search of sheets – which were surprisingly hard to find, hence the stark-white nature of these. That’s not what was intended, it’s just what they had. You’d think something like toddler-bed sheets would be in supply everywhere, but not – unless you want Cars themed sheets, that is. These will do for now.

Bed time almost became a nightmare for everyone involved. Amanda was so excited to get into her bed. “This is a good bed,” she said, multiple times. Until we turned off the light and left the room. And then the yelling began. It seems that everything is different in the new bed. New sleeping position, new shadows, new scary things. We eventually convinced her that everything was fine and that if she would just close her eyes she’d fall right asleep, and that is apparently exactly what happened – not a peep out of her after that, which is a rare occasion. I guess it is a good bed.



  1. Stupid question, but um, aren’t toddler beds the same size as crib beds (like, sheet-wise)?

    Comment by bekah — June 10, 2008 @ 10:22 pm | Reply

  2. Yep, but only the fitted sheets can be bought easily. Finding sheet-sets, or even just top sheets and pillow cases, is next to impossible.

    Comment by Tom — June 11, 2008 @ 9:29 am | Reply

  3. Been there, done that! I finally gave in to the DORA craze (ugh!) and got that set for the time being. Turns out as soon as we made the nice new bed, she didn’t even WANT to get under the sheet!!!! I was half pissed, half relieved!

    So, did you get the white sheet set at USA baby, or what? I searched high and low when we got our bed and came up empty except for sets that were about $50 a pop at Pottery Barn Kids online! Thanks, but no thanks!

    Abby is starting to like getting under the covers with us when she creeps in at ungodly hours of the morning, so I think she will need a “real” set of her own (or three) sometime soon!

    Comment by Lisa — June 12, 2008 @ 12:09 am | Reply

  4. God no, Alissa got those relatively cheap while I put the bed together, can’t remember which store – they had to go to a couple before finding an actual non-Dora, non-Cars based set. It looks like online is the only way to find simple patterns or colors. This is ridiculous. Isn’t this why Babies R Us exists?

    Amanda actually started out under them that night, but we found her out of the sheet, and turned around, the next two mornings. Oh well. Old habits die hard. She hasn’t figured out that she can leave the bed yet, but that will be coming, I’m sure.

    Comment by Tom — June 12, 2008 @ 10:16 am | Reply

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