Known Johnson

June 16, 2008


Filed under: Ipod/Iphone — Tom @ 4:39 pm

I’m torn on whether it’s smart or dorky of me to have prepared things in advance for the upcoming release of the Iphone 3G, which, yes, I do happen to plan on getting. I’ve put together a Google bookmarks page, have heavily invested in setting up iGoogle, and keep adding to my Google calendar . . . mostly because it’ll be so much easier to use all this on the Iphone. I’ll tell you, I’ve never been so excited about a phone in my life, but you also have no idea how many times since the Iphone came out last year that I’ve thought “Dammit, I really could have used the Iphone to look that up.” I realize other phones have internetability but not quite in the way the Iphone does, and therefore I had no interest. (If you haven’t played with one, you might not understand.) Nor have they had the pricing structure that the Iphone has – all in one. So, yeah, I’m there.

And believe me, I am so looking forward to walking in to Best Buy some day and having one of the blue shirts try and ring me up for a price I know is cheaper on their site, have them show me their infamous fake instore “web” site, and just pull it up on the Iphone.


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