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June 25, 2008


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Well, I’m sick, or something. I’m not sure, believe it or not, because it could be really bad allergies, but I’m something, that I know for sure. Amanda’s been sick for the past few days, but the thing is that I went and did some stuff outside, sticking my head right into some plants I’m almost certain I’m allergic to, and I didn’t use any of my nose spray like I always do before I go outside. I started feeling something immediately afterward, and it got worse. I’ve felt this before, and it’s bloomed into a full-blown sinus infection in a week or so, so I went ahead and called my allergy doctor yesterday. And even he couldn’t tell what this is. I don’t feel sick. I just have a really, really congested nose that likes to run like the antelope – so much so that I hardly slept at all on Monday night, which made for a hellacious Tuesday. And, as he said, if I’m sick, by today I’d start seeing nasty green or yellow . . . you know, mucus . . . and I’m not. Totally clear, like water. So what the hell is going on here? Well, I don’t know. I just know I need to be free and clear of it by Saturday, as we’ll be leaving for San Diego bright and early, or some variation thereof, and I don’t want to spend the entire drive nursing a drippy, sneezy nose, nor do I want it hampering this much-needed vacation.

There is an upside, however. I had all these plans to do all kinds of stuff around the house after work each day this week – mowing the lawn, fixing this, doing that, etc., and I’ve successfully done none of them. I now realize that would all have been a very bad idea – I’d have exhausted myself before we’d have even left, starting off our trip on the wrong foot. So this could just be mother nature’s way of saying “slow down.” Kind of amazing how things like that tend to happen right when they’re needed.

Update: Contrary to popular opinion, it WAS an allergic reaction. Doc Snots gave me some prednisone to take if nothing changed after a couple days, so I popped one pill and within an hour I began seeing major changes. Now I just have to finish out the regiment over the next five days and I should be good and healthy again. But even after one pill I’m 64.3% better than I had been before the pill entered my body.


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