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June 27, 2008

On the road again

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By this time tomorrow, we will be well into California, hopefully nearing San Diego and a week’s worth of relaxation. We’re going armed with my in-laws’ Garmin GPS unit, which should make getting around in a relatively unfamiliar city much easier – I love the idea that we can simply hit a button to find restaurants and up pops every restaurant in the area with directions to each one. How did we ever survive without these things?

In my first serious concession to gas prices, we will be taking Alissa’s Accord rather than the Ridgeline. The 10 mpg to be gained in her car is enough to make driving my truck over there just not make sense, plus she’s got nice quiet new tires on her car, and the XM that I got her for Christmas, so if we run out of stuff to listen to on my 160gb Ipod or her 8gb Nano, that might come in handy. Besides, I still have yet to hear any of that odd Bob Dylan Theme Time Radio Hour, and Alissa says that even if the music isn’t always interesting, he is. And we could also probably tune in to Oprah’s channel and listen for her latest new-age snake-oil salesman, I mean, Eckhart Tolle. Seriously, people actually buy (literally and figuratively) this guy’s shit? He’s a creep, 100% fake. Shyster. Oprah’s slowly building a very disturbing little cult out of The Secret and Tolle’s selfish, self-serving philosophies. I am fascinated, but disgusted because no one else seems to be as disgusted as they should be. Oprah is scary, people. I suggest everyone go rent/buy Being There to see a beautiful example of how people turn the simple into the profound – it was the opposite direction in the film, but the idea is the same. But I digress.

We are predicting that we will be revisiting Legoland multiple times next week. We got a Go San Diego card that allows us access to pretty much everything of interest to us there for much of the week as many times as we want, and with her interest in all things fast and spinny, I’m sure we’ll be on the rides quite a few times. Legoland seems to cater to the very young, so there are a quite a number of rides the just-barely-36″ set can take advantage of, and besides that, there’s Legos!

We’ll also hit the San Diego Zoo and probably the Wild Animal Park, as Amanda is big on animals, as well as the Balboa park museums, and I am dead-set on taking a tour of the harbor – I am not exactly sure why, I just really want to do it. That kind of sounds like a week right there, doesn’t it? Believe it or not, we’re trying to stay loose, but you have to have some kind of a plan with a card like this – you have to use it over consecutive days, so it’s best to at least rough out some idea of where and when you want to go do stuff. So it’s not just me being OCD, okay? Oh hush.

I’m also really intrigued to see our hotel room. We were initially going to stay were we stayed last year, but lingering worries about the noise from . . . well, we have no idea what, but some kind of metal work is all we can assume ALL NIGHT LONG . . . ultimately got me looking elsewhere, and now we’re staying outside of San Diego proper, but still in a suite. This, however, is more like an apartment – a living room and a completely separate bedroom, not just one long room divided in half like at the Embassy Suites (which was fine, don’t get me wrong.) It has a kitchenette with a full-sized fridge, which I think is extra cool, plus dishes and silverware, etc. It’s kind of like we rented our own place for the week. We’re also located in a more suburban area, so there are plenty of restaurants literally right around us – this was a big problem last time. As anyone who has travelled with a small child knows, finding easy dinner solutions in an unfamiliar city is nothing short of stressful, and we wound up eating at the same Italian place last year three or four times, I think. It was the only option that didn’t involve $50 plates of food or 30 minutes of driving. So this place should take care of that issue. And, of course, there’s our kitchenette . . .

To say I’m anxious to leave is putting it mildly. I have had little else on my mind. Besides getting over this nasty allergy attack (update: it really was allergies, read there for more) I have been mentally getting everything prepared to go. Tonight we actually have to do it. My goal is to have everything that could possibly be packed tonight done tonight and in the car, because I know if much is left for tomorrow, we won’t roll out of the house until much later than planned. Given any option to be late, we seem to take it. The vacation begins once we leave the house. I’m doing everything I can to make sure we start that as soon as possible.



  1. oh man…you shoulda told me you were going there….i would have recommended Lou’s Records up in encinitas for some serious music carnage.

    Comment by Mark Saleski — July 7, 2008 @ 10:26 am | Reply

  2. Dude! Lou’s is exactly where I went! I could have spent hours there, but had to limit myself to an hour or so. I spent most of the time in the used shop but gave myself a bit of time in the new-stuff store, too, which I’ve missed on previous trips. MAN do they get music freaks. I really, REALLY could have done a lot of damage there.

    Comment by Tom — July 7, 2008 @ 10:42 am | Reply

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