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July 13, 2008

It’s a . . .

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No matter how interesting and engrossing you think something like an ultrasound of your upcoming child is, never underestimate the short attention span of a three year old. Within a few minutes of the scan starting, Amanda was growing bored, and it wasn’t long before she handed her stuffed dog to me and said, “Daddy, make my doggy talk.” I simply replied I was a little busy right now and we needed to be quiet, so she spent the rest of the scan shifting restlessly in her seat, asking what the blue light in the corner was, what the thing dangling from the ceiling was, what “that sound” was, hopping from her seat to my lap, asking again what the blue light was, asking again what the thing dangling from the ceiling was, pointing out the reflection of feet that appeared under the closed door . . . “What’s that sound?” “What’s that blue light?” Pretty much everything but the scan itself was interesting to her. She was bored. I guess at three years old, the mere implications of what you’re looking at are not enough to hold your interest. I can’t hold it against her. She is, you know, not even quite three.

We got a little more concentration out of her when they focused on recognizable things, like the head, or when the baby moved a lot, and when it came time to find out the sex, I thought I knew for sure her answer. She’s shifted a few times, but stuck mostly with “a girl.” Friday morning I asked once again just before the technician started looking, and she reported this time, surprisingly, that it was going to be a boy. Hmm!

And then the baby wouldn’t cooperate, crossing his or her legs at the feet and keeping the pertinent parts well hidden. The tech jiggled the scanner trying to get the baby to move but it wouldn’t budge for several minutes. I was began to think maybe we were going to be thwarted – a sure sign that perhaps we’re just the kind of people who should leave it up in the air – when she finally got it. “I don’t see anything sticking out,” she said. “This is a girl!”

Two girls . . . check in on me in 12-14 years or so and see how I’m doing. I might just be a nervous wreck. Amanda, however, is relieved because she’s going to be a big sister (as opposed to the big brother she thought she was going to be – she’s not quite totally clear on how this system works.)

A side view of her head
Baby feet


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