Known Johnson

July 15, 2008

Teleportation, and other super cool Iphone feats

Filed under: Ipod/Iphone — Tom @ 9:35 am

I was just taking a look at my site stats, wondering how the Iphone showed up, and noticed an odd entry from Lake Mary, Florida at exactly the moment I queued up my site on my Iphone. Apparently while I may be sitting here in Phoenix, AZ, I am actually transported to Lake Mary, FL, while I play on the internet. Unfortunately, I am not aware of this teleportation, and remain mentally bound to my previous boring surroundings.

Now for the really cool thing: you NEED to get Shazam on your Iphone. Like, now. If you’ve ever heard a song playing somewhere and said, “What the hell is that song? I love it, I have to know what that song is,” and then bugged everyone around you trying to find out what that song is, this is the App for you. Tap Shazam on your Home screen, let it listen, and in about 25-30 seconds, Shazam will tell you exactly what that song is. David Blaine sitting in a block of ice for several days is not magic. This is real magic. Yes, it really does work, and it works everywhere. It says it’s available for free for a limited time, but I will happily pay a reasonable amount for this – but only if it’s a small one time fee. As I read, it looks like they have been charging a per-song identification fee, and that’s just not going to fly. I’d dump this immediately if that is their plan. So I hope they’re paying attention: $10 one time – good; $1 per ID – BAD. They would be fools to do anything other than that.

Well, okay, that’s only one feat.


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