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July 21, 2008

Blandall Revins, you’re an asshole

Filed under: Annoyances,Ipod/Iphone — Tom @ 2:35 pm

I was going to let it drop because I figured the issue was over. The first day, not forty minutes after I got the Iphone activated, I got a call, my first call on the Iphone, in fact – and no one knew the number yet besides me and AT&T. Strangely, the line was dead. Then a while later I got another call. And all throughout that first day, I got calls. I attributed this to the fact that my new number came up on Caller ID as some guy named Blandall Revins*. I am not Blandall Revins, and this is an important fact.

Late in the day, after way too many of these calls, I Googled one of these numbers and it lead me to a forum discussing collection agencies. Great. Blandall Revins, it seems, was in a bit of trouble, and had probably dumped his last phone number in an attempt to get away from the hounding of debt collectors. So I queued up one of the more recent numbers and told them to remove me from their list, and they promised they would, and I told them to remove me from all their lists, and they played dumb saying that they had nothing to do with the other calls. Whatever. I called the other number that had been harassing me, told them to knock it off, and thought that was it. Sunday morning I got yet another call, from yet another number, and immediately get that taken care of. The week, amazingly went quietly and I thought it was taken care of. All I needed now was for my Caller ID info to change over to me, and that is just a matter of time . . .

Until today, when my morning was shattered with several calls from one of the damned numbers that I had already told to knock if off! Three calls in less than three hours – aren’t there some rules against that? I called, bitched them out about how I was told I was taken off the list and told the lady on the other end that this was it – if I get another call from them, I will be contacting the attorney general about the harassment I’m receiving from them over someone I’ve never heard of until 9 days ago.

What pisses me off right now is that when I call on my Iphone, I show up as this guy, who so badly managed his life that he has all these people out chasing him down for his every last dollar. I don’t want to be associated with him in any way whatsoever.

Ah, great, another call – this time listed as BLOCKED. “Is this Blandall Revins?” “No,” I say, frustration very evident in my voice, “We just went through this, just a bit ago!” And with that, the line went dead, chirping out a few beeps. That had better be the last of them.

*Name “cleverly” disguised to protect the original person – I don’t want this poor sap Googling his name one day, finding his name and realizing he could sue me to pay off his debts . . . or just use the money to get in more trouble.



  1. I don’t know about your state, but in Indiana if someone calls you more than three times after you have given them legitimate reason not to call back, the Attorney General will go after them for harassment.

    Comment by Tom C — July 21, 2008 @ 5:00 pm | Reply

  2. Right on! I dare them to call me back! I’ve got a list of calls from these scumbags on my phone that I can easily print out, thanks to the new print-screen function of the Iphone, not to mention that I could get the records from AT&T. Call me back, I double-dog dare you!

    Comment by Tom — July 21, 2008 @ 7:47 pm | Reply

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