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July 22, 2008

Dumb crap that annoys me, vol. 478

Filed under: Annoyances — Tom @ 3:42 pm

Hey,, how come every damned time I go to your site to track a package, I have to tell you what country I live in, despite ALWAYS clicking the “Remember my location” check box? Besides that, why aren’t you using Javascript to figure out where I live like everybody else?

Miley Cyrus: ENOUGH already with the “regrets” about the “half-naked” pictures by renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz. Jesus, girl, you really know how to milk a news story. I shouldn’t be surprised – she’s learned from the best: Disney, who knows how to squeeze every last bit of publicity out of anything that helps them. Can you go anywhere or do anything besides sleep without Miley/Hannah propaganda material being in view somewhere? Forgive me for harboring doubts that everyone in the Cyrus camp were completely flabbergasted about Leibovitz being such a risqué photographer. You know, Annie Leibovitz, she behind the naked-and-pregnant Demi Moore photos that “so shocked” the nation years ago. This all couldn’t have been for publicity, could it? It couldn’t have been to, say, promote a new Miley Cirus album, could it?

Dollar-feeders on vending machines that refuse to take anything but crisp, new dollar bills. What gives? I want a can of Diet Coke but I have a wrinkly dollar that the venderizer doesn’t want, so I’m forced to get some LifeSavers from the other vending machine, which doesn’t mind my wrinkly dollars, but won’t simply give back change. I’ve gotten more LifeSavers and gum than I’ve wanted lately. It’s little things like this that make people go crazy. All of it.



  1. Is the Staten Island thing a coincidence? Or is that one of the dumb things you hate?

    Comment by Pat — July 22, 2008 @ 11:29 pm | Reply

  2. Staten Island thing? Not sure what you mean. I live in Phoenix. Are you referring to the “You live near” thing? If so, that’s what I’m referring to in the paragraph above – it’s pulling your location info from your browser, rather than relying on you, like UPS does, to input your location.

    Comment by Tom — July 23, 2008 @ 8:47 am | Reply

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