Known Johnson

August 4, 2008

Did Coldplay plagiarize “Viva La Vida” from . . . Joe Satriani?!

Filed under: Music — Tom @ 9:58 am

You be the jury . . .

Sounds pretty similar damn near identical to me, a lot more similar than the other song they’ve been accused of lifting that melody from:

Wow, that Creaky Boards song is an awful little pile o’ crud. I hear what Creaky Boards wants you to think, but that doesn’t count as ripping off – it’s just a similar style. They are not really all that similar sounding – the melodies diverge very quickly whereas Coldplay clearly follows the Satriani melody very, very closely. I can’t imagine the guys in Coldplay are fans, but who knows, maybe the guitarist is a fan and Joe’s penchant for very catchy, vocal-style guitar playing stuck in his head as he was coming up with his part. It happens all the time. I hope Joe opts to not sue and just enjoy the excitement – and look like the bigger guy.

For the record, as a huge Satriani fan, I happen to really like the new Coldplay album anyway.


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