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August 11, 2008

Take her out to the ballgame

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We took Amanda to a Diamondbacks game yesterday. She got a free ticket because she read 40 books, I believe is the number, with her aunt Barbara while staying with her on those weeks, during some promotion the libraries here in Phoenix had. We, unfortunately, did not qualify for free tickets, even though I just finished reading Richard Russo’s Straight Man a few days ago, and had to cough up $32 for our own tickets. Somehow I think this might work out in favor of the Diamondbacks organization.

Surprisingly, she managed to stay fairly interested – she really wasn’t watching the game, per se, but she liked looking for a bird she saw flying around the stadium, and I took her out to walk around, during which time we bought this rattly-thing to annoy people with. It’s looking better for the Dbacks’ finances, especially considering we also ate lunch there . . .

I really like that team shops stock anything that a team’s logo can be slapped on. When Alissa and I came to a game when she was younger (she didn’t attend) we bought her a red monkey wearing a D-backs jersey. I noticed at this game that they have now added a pink cat whose only tie to the team was a ribbon bearing the team’s name and logo.

When we got back, I saw a moth land in a lady’s hair, and it sat there for a while. Why I didn’t bother to take a picture of this, I have no idea. I didn’t even point it out to Alissa. I’m kind of shocked. I was really tired from carrying Amanda up and down stairs, I guess.

After the game, being Sunday – a “kids day” – we queued up in the seemingly endless line to let Amanda run the bases. They rope off the bases and let the kids run, starting at first base, all the way to home, but true to form, Amanda ignored the yellow rope and just right into the infield. No one really bothered to redirect her, either. I guess as long as she wasn’t tearing up the grass and she didn’t lead a parade across there, she wasn’t a problem. It is mighty weird being at the bottom of a huge place like that.

Alissa and I were both a little surprised at how much Amanda appears to have enjoyed it. Despite not really having paid much attention to the game (she must get that from her sports-averse daddy) she said she’d like to go back. So we decided to make her an offer – use the potty and we’d take her to a game. At the rate her current potty-training is going, it could be a long, long time before we make it to another game. It might even be football season. Or worse. Golf.


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