Known Johnson

August 11, 2008

Updating nothing

Filed under: General — Tom @ 12:37 pm

You can’t update things you’ve never talked about, nevertheless, here’s an update:

  • There’s a computer near me at work that beeps. Randomly. Beep. It just did it. It might do it again in a moment. It might not. Beep. It just did it again. One day, it beeped every 30 seconds or so for about 20 minutes. Then it didn’t. And then it just beeped every once in a while. No one knows why it does this. It is maddening in its anti-randomness. Then again, what is more maddening: completely random, or entirely predictable regularity?
  • Reese’s peanut butter: it’s a lie! This is just peanut butter. There’s no trace of “Reese’s” in here at all. What kind of scam are they trying to pull? Oh, I know: they’re trying to get suckers like me who love Reese’s peanut butter cups to buy peanut butter with the name Reese’s attached when the jar is filled with regular ol’ Skippy or Jif or Kroger brand, who knows what it is. It’s just peanut butter. I’m a sucker, but in a way, I’m a winner – it was the cheapest peanut butter on the shelf that day.
  • Despite being my usual pessimistic self about such things, I did actually find parts of the opening ceremony of the Olympics kind of cool. The meticulously synchronized boxes which were revealed to be filled with hundreds of tiny Chinese dudes, who leapt out at the conclusion of their sequence with ecstatically waving arms, come on, you have to have been impressed with that. There were still plenty of moments o’ cheese (people flying on wires, I’m talking about you,) but overall, this was much less cringe-worthy than past Olympics.
  • Showing off: I really like this box I just created in Photoshop this morning:

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