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August 13, 2008

Ads that are (gasp!) misleading?!

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After a full month with my Iphone I can happily say that it is a fantastic addition to my life. Never before did I imagine I’d have a phone I wanted to type on (as badly as thumbing my way over the keypad can be called “typing,” anyway,) or use the internet features of, or use the camera. But it’s all there in one handy little device that works way better than any other that has combined them, and even some dedicated devices. I’m sure there are some reasons for which the Iphone simply isn’t a good match for particular users, but I certainly haven’t experienced them.

I do find the advertising campaign a bit “funny” in that it clearly is so far from reality, and apparently so does someone else who put the ad to the test, filming his results so he could compare them side by side with the ad:

The Iphone simply can’t function as shown in the original ad:

Apps don’t even open as fast as they show in there, let alone internet activity!

Don’t lump me in with the complainers about the Iphone itself. I just find advertising to be a weird world where deception is not only commonplace, it’s accepted and encouraged, and understood by most people as “just one of those things.” Isn’t that kind of weird? Who’s more screwed up? The advertising world for clearly advertising what doesn’t exist, or us for mindlessly going along with it? And, for that matter, which came first? Rather a “chicken or the egg” type of question, isn’t it?


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