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August 14, 2008

Someone has to deal with it

Filed under: General — Tom @ 4:38 pm

Alissa reads this site, Sweet Juniper, every day, and is constantly telling me about it, but I never think to go there. She sent me a link to it (W.R.T. T-man, in fact) finally so I went, it’s as good as she says. Points for her.

Anyway, he points out this child prodigy, Mo Kin, who, at 3, plays xylophone really well. I love Amanda and find her plinking on her little xylophone rather charming for a few minutes, but after a while, I kind of want her to find something quieter to play with. Maybe I’m a horrible father, I don’t know. There’s only so much clanky! clanky! clanky! in different pitches one can take before it starts to feel like little stabs in the brain, you know? And then I hear Mo Kin’s “prodigious” talent and . . . after about a minute of that, I realize, wow, even playing actual music, it’s just horrible. That kid’s parents have to listen to that all the time. It’s no wonder so many prodigies have awful childhoods – their parents probably went insane dealing with listening to them do whatever it is they do all the time. Can you imagine hearing that xylophone all the time? That’s what you get when you have a prodigy. Endless torture. Amanda’s occasional clankings on the cheap orange xylo-tiger from Toys R Us don’t seem so bad after all.


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