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August 20, 2008

I got bugs

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First off . . .

Certainly the first time that a King Crimson show has been made officially available a mere 13 days after the event, and I am very excited to hear this incarnation tear into this material. Most intriguing is hearing master drummer Gavin Harrison (currently also employed by Porcupine Tree) match wits with now-veteran Crimson drummer Pat Mastelotto. From the little I’ve heard, I am preparing myself to unseat Bill Bruford from his perch as “perfect King Crimson drummer.” Gavin is, believe it or not, even more impressive. What he accomplishes with Porcupine was just the tip o’ the proverbial iceberg. King Crimson unleashes a whole ‘nother side of him. Truly amazing guy.

This past weekend’s final shows in New York had better not have been the final King Crimson shows. I need to see this quintet in action myself.

Come on, you’ve got to admit that’s pretty cool to see. And they sound even better – The Unforgettable Fire completely buries the original, which sounds anemic in comparison. As Ferris Bueller would say, “It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.”

This entire post was made possible by my Iphone. Well, not entirely – I didn’t type it out on it, I’m no masochist. But all images in it were due to the Iphone that, as of earlier this evening, I wasn’t sure was going to be able to do this after the recent update that came out yesterday. See, I updated and was one of what seems to be Steve Jobs’ favorite new sayings – the “2% of users having issues.” Updated, the phone reconnected with Itunes, and then told me that it needed to reload a previous backup. Great – only it had already done this, and it took well over an hour to do so. Did it again, because what am I to do? Let it do it only to get the same message again. At this point, I just unplugged it and gave it a try. It worked . . . but it had no music or photos loaded on it. I gave up for the night and figured I’d scour forums when I got a chance. When I did, I saw I was not alone – 2% is a lot of people, it seems! Maybe that’s 2% of the general public. Anyway, I came home tonight to give another option a try that was suggested, which is to simply let Itunes set it up as a new phone, even though it isn’t. I hit the button and away it went. Five minutes later – I kid not – FIVE MINUTES later, the entire thing was done and it was loading my music back on there. WTF? Note the bolding AND italicizing there? Yeah. But it works now, obviously. Photos and screenshots and emails are being served and so I am a happy camper.


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