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September 8, 2008

Can we define “amazing” again?

Filed under: Annoyances,Music — Tom @ 1:40 pm

”[Britney] was amazing,” “Hills” star Lauren Conrad told Access Hollywood backstage at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, where Brit picked up her first Moonmen ever, after 16 previous losing nominations. “I was hoping for a performance, but that’s just because I’m a Britney fan.” (Source)

Britney was amazing at . . . what? Talking? Because I do this on a daily basis and no one runs around going “Tom was amazing!” Granted, I’m not “previously drug-crazed” but I’m still not sure that warrants the word “amazing” in relation to my communication skills. Unless Britney overdosed and nearly died and then miraculously regained all her faculties right there on stage, “amazing” doesn’t really fit. “Britney was a perfectly normal human being” might make a better statement.

And anyone hoping for a performance, well, keep this in mind:

(By the way, I am not entirely convinced that is real. I think it’s a perfect reflection of what she really does, however – it’s well known that you do not hear her live voice in concert, despite protests from her legions of clueless fans (trust me – 20 years of listening to thousands of bootlegs, not to mention countless albums, gives you a great idea of what a real voice sounds like live, and hers is NOT live in any situation I’ve seen.) So I admit, this might be fake, but it might just be a bad syncing job, ironically enough. I just have a hard time believing that something so incriminating would have been so easily found – her open vocal mic from an HBO special, of all things? Hmm.)


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