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September 15, 2008

The weekend

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If you’ve got an Iphone, get that new update. Wow, what a great thing that has been. My syncs with Itunes are painless now, not requiring much forethought and planning to make sure there was enough time to let it do its thing. Much better reception, too – I was getting 3G in areas that I hadn’t ever gotten it. Now all Apple needs to do is add copy & paste and I think it’ll have everything I could imagine needing.

I’m a little shocked about David Foster Wallace’s death. I really haven’t read him, but I apparently had his Girl with the Curious Hair and either never read it or didn’t get far, and got rid of it, but he made enough of an impression that he has repeatedly popped up in my “should read soon” list. Now I will look like one of those weirdos who only seem to take interest in someone when they die. I hate that. I want to walk around saying, “But really I already liked him! I swear I just never got around to reading him before he killed himself.”

We finally gave up on getting photos at JC Penney’s photo-nightmare shop of horrors and went with Kiddie Kandids after we got lucky a couple months ago when a new photographer wanted to use Amanda to do some test shots. They were so impressive that I couldn’t handle the thought of JC Penney’s many issues again. Seriously, when you make an appointment for a toddler, you don’t keep them waiting two hours to get pictures. The results are obviously awful. JC Penney takes walk-ins and mixes them in with their appointments. What kind of sense does that make?

Sneaking a shot at Kiddie Kandids

I snuck in a quick shot of the proceedings at Kiddie Kandids on my Iphone. They might have barred me from the place for that.

Endlessly fascinating for kids

Kids love these weird reactive displays – they are instantly addicted to them. An image is projected from the ceiling and somehow reacts to the actions on the mat below. Amanda can’t wait to start jumping about when she sees this thing, so we have to map our mall travels around the play-yard, which is right in the middle of the damned mall, of course.

Mmmm.  Not.

Seriously. WTF? That looks like vomit in nice crusty boil. Oh, but wait! If it’s “from Chef Luigino,” you know it has to be good.

Amanda's favorite attraction at Walmart

The lobster tank is Amanda’s favorite destination at Walmart. Newsflash: people buy lobster at Walmart. And, presumably, eat it.

Seriously: awesome

Oh, sweet relief after years and years of looking in every store for one of these, the elusive box of live stuff from Elvis Costello’s tour with Steve Nieve backing him in 1996 while supporting All This Useless Beauty (an underrated classic, in my opinion.) All I ever found online were outrageously expensive deals – it is, after all, a limited run, LONG out of print, and so I figured it was never going to be mine. Until last week when I just happened to have it pop in my head, searched Amazon, and there was a copy at Newbury Comics for (sit down, Costello fans) $40. Mind you, this is two hours of music spread over 5 short discs, not 5 full discs of music so I promised myself for years that if I stumbled upon a copy at a reasonable price, I would grab it, and this is a very reasonable price. The current lowest price on Amazon is $61. I think I did good, and what’s more, it’s going to be a very well-loved set. And that, my friends, is why the internet is kicking the collective ass of local stores, unfortunately. Price and availability equals sales.



  1. I’ve been wanting that Costello/Nieve set for years. Great concept, beautiful packaging. Let me know how it sounds.

    Funny you should mention All This Useless Beauty. It’s never been a big favorite of mine, with the exception of a few excellent tracks (especially “It’s Time”), but I broke it out a few weeks ago while Liza and I were cleaning the house and I sort of forgot how good it is.

    Comment by Chris — September 16, 2008 @ 7:38 am | Reply

  2. Walmart lobsters boil up just as deliciously as any other lobster would.

    Comment by bekah — September 23, 2008 @ 10:25 pm | Reply

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