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September 18, 2008

As I was saying: Death Magnetic sounds like “death warmed over”

Filed under: Music — Tom @ 4:15 pm

Every time I type that title, I type “Magnetica.” But I digress.

I mentioned a few days ago how bad the album sounds and here is some proof in the fact that the Guitar Hero folks were given early versions of the mix that does not suffer from the same mastering problems that the final release does. (Now even Rolling Stone is talking about the issue. It’s pretty bad when it gets that far.) Someone was kind enough to put together this handy little YouTube video demonstrating this rather obvious problem:



  1. I came across your website due to the post about visual migraines, but saw the note about Metallica. Worst.Band.Ever. Overrated-tallica. I find it difficult to believe people when they talk about Metallica as these thrash metal gods. I have heard all of their albums (downloaded them all repeatedly on several computers just to spit in their faces), several times, and yet have never been that impressed. I guess for the time they were “metal”, at least their first album(s), but that’s just a cop out.

    Comment by Phillip — September 29, 2008 @ 5:54 pm | Reply

  2. You like what you like. They’re not overrated, just overexposed. I don’t particularly care about genres, just music in general, and Metallica made some fantastic music early in their career. Just as you think they’re overrated, I think there are a lot of people that won’t give them a fair shot because they DO view them as too popular to be any good. They got where they are today (or, really, back in 1991) by working hard and putting out great music. After that, well, yeah, they coasted for a long, long time.

    Comment by Tom — September 29, 2008 @ 10:57 pm | Reply

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