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September 25, 2008

Totally a coincidence

Filed under: Ipod/Iphone — Tom @ 12:53 pm

Google wouldn’t have any stakes at all in pushing all this pro-“g-phone” news would it? Nah, of course not, it’s not like they don’t have a huge investment in it or anything . . .

Google Bias

For what it’s worth, I don’t see how this thing is a true Iphone competitor, at least not in this form. No headphone jack (must use a USB-based attachment)? It’s not an Ipod like the Iphone is. 1gb of memory, expandable to 8gb with SD cards? Doesn’t this thing seem a bit expensive to be that low on memory? A few months ago, I might have liked the idea of a physical keyboard, but after more than two months with the Iphone on-screen keyboard, I honestly don’t even think about it. The open App Store “Android Market” sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, but maybe it’ll spur Apple into loosening its grip a little on what apps can be put on the App Store (big Itunes gripe: have separate sections for everything in the the free area. It’s really annoying to have to dig through 40 pages of apps, most of which are games, when you’re not looking for games.)

And, to me, it’s just ugly, and it looks kind of flimsy in the videos I’ve seen where they slide out the keyboard. Maybe that’s just due to early prototypes being used or something, I don’t know. People have called the Iphone a toy, but I got much more of a toy feeling out of watching the G1 being handled (admittedly, I obviously haven’t held one yet.) Pick up an Iphone and you don’t feel like you’re holding a toy – it is solid, and that’s exactly the way Apple intended it, and exactly why there are so few buttons on it.

I’m no Apple fanboy, okay – I realize I may sound like it sometimes because I really am pretty much thrilled with my Iphone. I also realize that the Iphone does what I need it to do the way I need it to do things, and there are some who may prefer a much more PC-like interface. The G1/Android phone may be exactly what they need. I just can’t imagine why – I use the Iphone because it’s quick and easy, and while Android looks like a very similar user experience, it still looks clunky compared to the Iphone interface.

And one more thing: where is all the bitching now that we know Google’s phone is locked to T-Mobile just like the Iphone is to AT&T? Things are suspiciously quiet on that front, aren’t they? There has been an awful lot of hot air blown about until now because Apple locked their phone to AT&T, but when Google does it, no one says a word. Hmm.


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