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October 9, 2008

Steven Wilson hasn’t seen the news

Filed under: Music — Tom @ 12:43 pm

Not too long ago I saw that Porcupine Tree mastermind Steven Wilson would be releasing a solo album soon, and that was pretty exciting. Strange, but exciting (strange because Porcupine Tree is his band – he writes all the music and lyrics, so I’m not quite sure how a solo album will be much different . . . but exciting because I love pretty much everything he puts out lately.) There would, of course, be the now de rigeur “deluxe edition” with extra music and a high-resolution/surround-sound DVD. And then today I saw that it’s available to order. My stomach sank. You see, the album will be released to retail in January as a single CD. The deluxe is coming at the end of November (cool – it’s early!) and comes with a CD of music that didn’t make the album (cool!) and the DVD is as mentioned previously, limited to 3000 copies. It’s about $50. That’s a bit steep, but kind of expected. What really hurt was when I put it in my shopping cart and shipping was added in. The total jumped to $76.34! That’s $25+ in shipping costs. As was explained in an email to someone on the Porcupine Tree forum, it’s an extremely heavy set, as it’s an actual book, packaged in extra-heavy duty packaging for protection, and shipping overseas is apparently ridiculously expensive now (someone earlier mentioned that fuel alone account for 33% of shipping costs now.) So now I need to weigh what to do. Do I bite the bullet and swear off buying CDs for a while to make up for this one? Wilson’s music is very important to me – I listen to his work a LOT, so the investment won’t be a bad one from that standpoint. But it’s a lot of money at a very bad time – the economy sucks, things are shaky, and not only is Christmas right around the corner, but so is a brand new baby. I think I really have to start rethinking my music purchases to prepare for things like this. The market for these deluxes isn’t going to last because the economy is going to kill them off, but they’re going to be around for a little while longer – and I just so happen to listen to just the artists who love to put them out. Thanks, guys. Now I’ve got some thinking, and possibly begging, to do . . .


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