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October 14, 2008

Lambada: The Forbidden Dance

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I don’t know about you, but we must have found this Dora The Explorer table “cloth” rather fetching, because we kept the damned thing on our beautiful new table since the last weekend of August:

High class accomodations

This weekend, however, we decided that Dora, as colorful and playful as she is, had to go. Out with the old, and plastic, and in with cloth:

No more Dora

That’s a bit better, no?

I have become fascinated by exclamatory products, first at Walmart:

Exciting products!

And then at Bed Bath & Beyond:

More exciting products

Seriously, what is the deal with that? Squeegee! Adhesive! Over Door! Over Tank Tissue Basket!

Speaking of Walmart, I’m beginning to wish that I HAD gotten in touch with Walmart’s people after dropping the stupid TV stand box on my foot and breaking my toe. Today is one such day. That was April 13 – six months ago, and I’m still feeling repercussions from it, dumb and minimal-seeming as it might be. Today’s latest is that I have an ingrown toenail somehow caused by this stupid accident. (Note to self: don’t Google “ingrown toenail” again. Yeech! I’m definitely on the “minor problem” end of the scale.) If it doesn’t get better, my foot doctor has to do some nasty, gross, painful looking procedure to remove part of the nail (see Google if you dare.) I now wish I had bought one of these beauties found on the way home from seeing James in LA a couple weeks back to pray to that it gets better:

I can't decide which gets me closest to heaven

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