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November 2, 2008


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I really am a pretty big fan of Brian Eno, in a general sense, not just for his music. I like the way he thinks, even if sometimes he drifts off into floofy new-aginess once in a while. That’s okay because sometimes that’s just how truly unique individuals are, and when they keep coming up with just plain nice stuff like the album he did with David Byrne this year (Everything That Happens Will Happen Today – yes, you need it) I say, let ’em be a little “off.” And once again, he’s turned out something just plain nice, this time with fellow musician Peter Chilvers, for the Iphone/Touch, in the form of an app that creates music in a unique way – touch the screen and a chimey note rings out. Where most music apps are focusing on trying to recreate a particular instrument’s environment in the artificial world of the Iphone, Eno and Chilvers opted to treat the Iphone as its own instrument that works in its own way. It also features an Eno staple, delay, that is variable by the user, so what is played eventually becomes looped back and incorporated into the ongoing music, which should be no surprise to fans of Eno’s ambient music. Or it can simply create random new music on its own. Its simplicity is its beauty. The name pretty much defines it: Bloom.

I love it. Even more a testament to how brilliant and simple it was, Amanda loved it too – she simply tapped her fingers around the screen and created circle patterns while the sound chimed away around her. But you really need to hear this thing on good headphones – it’s beautiful. If you have an Iphone or a Touch, grab a copy for $3.99 on Itunes. It’s one of the few apps I’ve paid for and if you’re into ambient music, it is easily worth the money.


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