Known Johnson

November 20, 2008

Take that, wonderheart

Filed under: Music — Tom @ 11:28 pm

Three days early, the new “Guns N Roses” (here’s the ‘ – please place the apostrophe wherever appropriate, I never quite know where it goes) is playing through my headphones right now. And I put the band name in quotes because, as we all know, it’s GnR in name only, but, unlike many others, I don’t give a dump. Is it good music or bad? So far . . . surprisingly good. Call it GnR, call it The Axl Rose Show, I don’t care. If it’s good, I don’t give a rodent’s scrote who is the name that takes claim for the music.

Is it a decade and a half of work good? What would be? I’ll view it like any other album – it came out this year, and if I keep listening to it, I like it. I think I’m going to keep listening to it – it’s at least as good as the best parts of Use Your Illusion I & II together. And guess what? It’s actually fun. Chuck Klosterman agrees.

Oh, and the absence of Slash? Not really all that big of a deal. Keep this quiet, a little secret, you know . . . but between you and me, there are lots of really, really good guitar players out there – some are even better than Slash! Shocking, I know!


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