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November 24, 2008


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It’s test time . . . see what the abuses of your youth, or even present age, have taken on your hearing. This completely unscientific test will give you an idea of what of the upper range of frequencies in your hearing are gone for good due to ridiculously loud volumes at concerts, night clubs, headphones, etc. Warning: be very careful with the volume as these tones are piercing, to say the least. Don’t lose your hearing while testing it, okay?

Fessin’ up: my left ear could clearly hear up to 17kHz while my right ear could only make out 16kHz. Not bad for nearly 36 years old, according to the chart. Wearing earplugs at concerts and listening to music at decent volumes has paid off, apparently.


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  1. HA! I heard about this when I was a teacher and FLIPPED! Of course, being a science teacher, we had to do an experiment to see if it worked like it was supposed to. One day a BUNCH of teachers all started playing this in their classrooms on their laptops without telling the kids just to see if they reacted. ha ha ha ha!!!! Well, it was really funny until we realized it sort of HURTS. We promptly stopped playing it (or at least I did) when we learned that. I can still see Ali’s face: “What IS that????!!!???!!!???!!!” Oh, she was one PISSED OFF little 12 year old!!!! LOL!!

    Comment by Lisa — November 24, 2008 @ 10:09 pm | Reply

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